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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 2nd Reading of Bill C-287 postponed till WEDNESDAY

Whether or not you have already sent a message to your MP, please do so again /
at once. This Private Member's Bill to amend the Canada Health Act and call for
mandatory labelling of GE-containing foodstuffs, could be a major milestone for
the prodemocracy movement.

David Creighton
Ottawa Chapter
Council of Canadians

From: Nadège Adam
Sent: 15 October, 2001 1:45 PM
To:   Nathalie Bouchard
Cc:   Brent Patterson; Cliff White; Tara Scurr; Loretta Gerlach; Roger
Samson; Victoria Gibb-Carsley
Subject: 2nd Reading of Bill C-287 postponed

(Please forward to every relevant Canadian list)

Hello everyone,

As you know, Parliament has reconvened today for business.  Because of the
current state of affairs on the international scene, the 2nd reading of
Bill C-287, which involves the last hour of debate and a vote, has been
postponed to Wednesday, 17th October, at 5:30 PM.

It is also important to note that our sources on Parliament Hill have told
us that the biotech industry has noticeably increased its pressure on
members of Parliament, faxing fact sheets entitled "Defeat Bill C-287."

Our sources have also told us that many MP offices have reported an
unprecedented number of calls from constituents, calling on them to support
Bill C-287.

It is clear that the corporate sector is attempting to use their undue
influence on Parliament as they now realize they cannot underestimate the
power of the people.

We therefore ask you to continue with your calls, faxes, and emails to
your MPs because they are not falling on deaf ears.  Parliament was set up
to represent the interest of the people, not that of corporations.

Ask your MP to:

*     Be present for the vote on Wednesday, 17th October at 5:30pm
*     Speak on behalf of Bill C-287 during the debate
*     Vote in favour of Bill C-287.

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