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From: "Nancy D. Peckford" <nancyp@cs.mun.ca>
Subject: Ottawa Public Forum on Women and War


The Ottawa Women's March Committee is holding a public forum on Women and
War, on *Wednesday* November 7th,
7 pm at the auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library (Main
Branch - Metcalfe/Laurier). Using film clips and
brief testimony from local speakers familiar with the ravages of war,
we will examine the impacts of militarism through the eyes of women.
Donations will be accepted for RAWA: the Revolutionary Association of
Women of Afghanistan who have struggled for over fifteen years to defend
the human and democratic rights of women and their families. For more
information, contact Nancy Peckford at 231-1116 or 237-1590, ext.230.

		"Hope is a passion for the possible."

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