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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Carleton University Green Party Meeting Thurs. Oct 30 5:30pm 409 Southam Hall

Hi everyone,

Great to see such a good turn out for the meeting on Thursday, over 20
people!  The general consensus at the meeting was that for the next few
weeks we would work on raising awareness and attempting to mobilize
opposition on campus about the policies of the World Bank, IMF and G20. 
The goal is get students to participate in the protests that will
surround the WB, IMF, G20 meetings that will be happening in Ottawa
November 17-18.

The next CU Green Party meeting will be...

Tuesday October 30, 2001
5:30pm 409 Southam Hall
Main agenda items will be; 1) G-20, IMF, WB plans for resistance 
                           2) Club structure i.e. roles and

Matt Takach
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