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[OPIRG-EVENTS] [ftaaott] Ottawa Public Forum on Women and War: Discussants andagenda (fwd)

7 P.M.

Goal of forum: Using film clips and brief testimony from local speakers
familiar with the ravages of war, we will examine the impacts of
militarism through the eyes of women.

Donations will be accepted for RAWA: The Revolutionary Association of
Women of Afghanistan who have struggled for over fifteen years to promote
the human and democratic rights of women and their families.

7: 10 p.m:  A twenty minute clip from 'Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and
Global Economics' called 'Making a Killing' will be shown.

7:30 p.m.:  Speakers to Lead the Discussion:

	HAMDI MOHAMED lived and studied in Somalia.  She will share her
perspective on the impact of conflict in Somalia and NEAR BY REGIONS on

	SARA TORRES will speak to the violence waged on women and
communities in Columbia.

	KHADIJA HAFFAJEE will offer her analysis of women's experiences in
Afghanistan since the Soviet ocupation as well as expound upon the
perspectives of Muslim women on conflict in the Middle East.

7:55 p.m. :  Open discussion*

	Discussion will be facilitated by Mariam Abou-Dib who works at the
Public Services Alliance of Canada and is  co-representative for NAC
Eastern Ontario and Bonnie Diamond, Executive Director of the
National Association of Women and the Law.

8: 45 p.m. : 	Betty-Ann Davis who coordinates Midwives and Mothers
Watching Globally here in Ottawa and who has  praticed mid-wifery in
Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and at the Afghan Refugee Hospital in Peshawar
will provide a brief summary of discussion and identify any actions that
were proposed.

8:55 p.m. :  Opening speakers will be given three minutes each to respond
to the evening's discussions.

9:10 p.m.: Thanks and Farewell by Ottawa Women's March Committee.



Hamdi Mohamed is a Somali woman who now lives, works and teaches in
Ottawa.  She coordinates the 'Getting Landed' project which is designed to
achieve political change on specific immigration policies that cause
refugees and immigrants undue delays in obtaining landed immigrant status.
This project also empowers the refugee community by providing information
and training on how to work with the media and participate in the public
policy-making process. She will speak to realities of conflict in Somalia
and surrounding area.

Sara Torres works at the Canadian Research Institute on the Advancement of
Women. Sara is originally from Columbia and will speak to the violence
waged against women and communities there. She is a long time activist for
social justice and in addition to her work at CRIAW is  assisting the
Mujer Sana project in Ottawa to promote the health of Latin American women
living in Ottawa. She also volunteers with Salvaide, a NGO supporting
communities in El Salvador.

Khadija Haffajee is a Muslim woman from South Africa. She is an educator
and community activist in the Ottawa-Carleton region. During the Soviet
war in  Afghanistan, she worked with the refugees in Peshawar and Quetta.
She has been Assistant Secretary General of the International Muslim
Women's Union. In 1997 Khadija was elected as a member of the Islamic
Society of North America. This is the first time that a woman has been
elected to this position. Recently she received an award from the Canadian
Islamic Congress for Excellence in Community Service. Khadija also
co-chairs the Christian- Muslim Dialogue of Ottawa.

Betty-Ann Davis coordinates Midwives and Mothers Watching Globally here in
Ottawa. Betty-Anne first practiced midwifery in Guatemala in 1976 after an
earthquake hit the area and the school of naturopathy where she was
studying became a centre to which helicopters delivered supplies to take
up by horse into the surrounding villages.  Betty-Ann has also mid-wived
in Belize, Mexico and at the Afghan Refugee Hospital in Peshawar (also
known as Little Afghanistan- on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan).
More recently, she made a video with the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
about a small settlement up north, Povungnituk, that, with the help of
midwives from outside of the North, established a maternity centre so the
women could stay in their own community for their births.

 Nancy Peckford
 Women's Studies Programme		Research Assistant
 Memorial University			National Association of Women
 St. John's, NF				and the Law
 A1C 5S7				Ottawa, ON
 (709) 737-3322 			(613) 241-7570

		"My point is not that everything is bad,
		 but that everything is dangerous."
					Michel Foucault

		"Hope is a passion for the possible."

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