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[OPIRG-EVENTS] sunday dec. 9: fundraising dinner for afghanistan

help humanity... ease the suffering

fundraising dinner for 
humanitarian relief to afghanistan

date: sunday, december 9

time: 2-7pm

  centurion conference centre, 
  170 colonnade road south, ottawa

  human concern international,
  icna relief helping hand,
  oxfam canada

  $25 for students, $30 for others

available at:
  octopus books, 116 third ave (and bank st) - tel: 233-2589
  islamic information centre, 312 lisgar st - tel: 232-0210
  opirg-carleton, 326 unicentre, carleton u - tel: 520-2757

for more information, contact: <humanitarian_aid@ottawa.com>.
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