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[OPIRG-EVENTS] International Women's Day - Call for Nominations

Please distribute to anyone who may be interested....

Tracy Carroll

International Women's Day Ottawa:  Call For Nominations

This year, Ottawa's International Women's Day celebration will be held on 
Saturday March 2, 2002. A rally will be held at the Human Rights Monument 
followed by a women's fair including food and entertainment at City Hall. 
This will be the kickoff party for a week full of events hosted by local 
organizations in honour of International Women's Week (March 3rd - March 

Our theme this year is a simple one: "Celebrating the Lives of Women". We 
will be recognizing and profiling the many amazing things women in our 
community have achieved or experienced. If there is a woman or an
organization you would like to nominate to be profiled and recognized at the 
IWD event, please write a paragraph that could be read out loud in less than 
two minutes explaining why this woman is special. We are hoping to showcase 
a wide variety of achievements and experiences (for example: raising a child 
as a single parent, contributing to the fight against homelessness and 
poverty, choosing a non-traditional career, leaving an abusive relationship, 
emigrating to a new country, empowering young girls to see beyond gender 
stereotypes, etc., etc., the list goes on and on!) We will read out as many 
of the paragraphs describing the nominated women as we have time for. The 
idea is that in hearing stories of women's lives and achievements, we will 
all see a little of our own lives in those stories, and recognize the 
strength and courage in all of us.

Deadline for nomination submissions is Monday, February 18, 2002. Please 
include your name and contact information (phone number & email if 
available), as well as the name and contact info for the woman you are 
nominating with your paragraphs. We will be calling the nominees to make 
sure they are willing to be recognized in this way in a public forum.

Please send your nomination paragraphs and contact info. (mail, email, or 
fax) to:

Women's Action Centre Against Violence
211 Bronson Ave.
Room 205
Ottawa, Ont., K1R 6H5

Email: wacav@istar.ca
Fax: (613) 230-6249

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