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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Request from OPIRG-Ottawa for KATIMAVIK

Please forward

Bonjour! Hello!

OPIRG-Ottawa is a partner in the KATIMAVIK program (for more info check out 
the website: www.katimavik.org)

During their stay in a community, the KATIMAVIK participants live with a 
host family (all types) for 9 days.  The Ottawa Katimavik program is a 
francophone program, thus I am looking for primarily francophone household.  
(The host family receives a stipend of $10 a day.)

REQUEST: If you would like to host a participant or know folks that would be 
into this fabulous mentoring/femtoring opportunity, please email me, Mélissa 
Compain at: mcompain@hotmail.com or call OPIRG-Ottawa at 230-3076.

Thank you & merci,

(In a nutshell, KATIMAVIK seeks to provide youth (from 17 to 21 years of 
age) with an opportunity to acquire skills & knowledge by living in a group 
& community involvement.  The participants live together in a house that 
they manage collectively & work (volunteer labour) in the community.)

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