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[OPIRG-EVENTS] sat. feb. 2: baobab tree - singing drum concert (fwd)

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    From: krdrum@sympatico.ca (Kathy Armstrong&Rory Magill)
    Subject: Baobab Tree Events
    Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:58:30 -0500

    Singing Drum Concert Reminder
    Saturday Feb 2, 7:30pm
    First Unitarian Congregation
    30 Cleary Ave
    Akpokli & Baobab Youth , with guests
    Lisa Lindo, vocalist w/Vinyl Café
    Joe Donkor & Prosper Adjetey
    formerly w/ Ghana National Dance Ensemble
    reception will benefit projects in the village of
    Dagbamete, Ghana
    Adults $12
    Under age 12 $7
    kids under 5 are free
    available in advance
    Ottawa Folklore Centre
    1111 Bank St
     Bridghead Coffeehouse
    108 Third Ave & 372 Richmond Rd
    and @ the door
    info 725-6994
    March Break
    Experience the rhythms, songs
    & movement of West African styles
    No previous experience necessary, drums provided
    Ages 9-13
    Monday thru Friday March 11-15
    Time:1:30 -3:30pm
    Cost: $60
    Fisher Park School
    250 Holland Ave (near Wellington)
    To register please call 725-6994
    Spaces are limited
    Baobab Tree Drum*Dance*Community
    .......where local energy meets global spirit
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