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1. Official Opening Ceremony * Friday, 1st
Ceremony and cultural performances marking the
official start to Black History Month and
reflecting the theme selected for the 2002
Venue: The National Archives of Canada
Cost:$5 general admission, $15(family of 4)

2. Black Radio Day * Saturday, 2nd February, 2002
A day of programming on CHUO 89.1FM (University
of Ottawa) featuring commentaries, profiles,
reporting, and music reflecting the global
African presence.
Venue:89.1 FM 
Time: 24 hours of programming
Cost: donations accepted

3. Black Artist Exhibit * Saturday, 2nd February,
2002 - Sunday, 24th February, 2002
An exhibit of local, national and international
artists of African descent, with inspirational
images portraying the African spirit and
expressing an African aesthetic.
Venue: The Karsh Masson Gallery
Address: 111 Sussex St.
Time: 5-7pm (exhibit opening launch)
Time for month of Feb.: 9am-10pm (viewing)
Cost: Donations accepted

4. Lecture Series * 7th, 13th, 20th and 27th of
February, 2002
A series of lectures on topics related to Black
history and culture, delivered by experts.
Venue: Ottawa Public Library 
Time: 6:30-8:30PM 
Cost: $2 general admission

February 7, 2002 - Marcel Kabundi, author of the
book "l'Afrique sans masques"
Lecture: Restorative justice: how Africans
resolved their conflicts before the arrival of

Mr. Marcel Kabundi holds an MSc in Criminology
from the an MA in Law from the University of
Ottawa, and a BA in Law from the Université de
Kinshasa. He is currently working on his PhD in
Law at the University of Ottawa. Mr. Kabundi has
been a Manager at Correctional Services Canada
since 1987, and has 14 years' experience in all
areas and at all levels of management within the

Mr. Kabundi teaches part-time at the Faculty of
Law at the University of Ottawa while supervising
students in their last year of Civil Law Mr.
Kabundi has been President of the Red Cross
Regional Office in Hull and Governor of the
Canadian Red Cross Society.  He has also been
appointed by the Governement of Quebec to the
Quebec Council on cultural Communities and
Immigration. He is a member of OXFAM-Quebec, and
President of the Friends of Africa Foundation,an
NGO specialising in international cooperation. 
Before he immigrated to Canada, Mr. Kabundi was a
Magistrate at the Justice Ministry of
Congo-Kinshasa (formerly Republic of Zaire). Mr. 
Kabundi also worked as a research officer at the
Centre international de criminologie comparée at
l'Université de Montréal. he has written and
published various books and articles, and he has
produced and hosted various programs such as
"Focus sur l'Afrique" on the Hull community
television station. 

5. Youth Hip Hop Culture Conference * 8th - 9th
February, 2002
An exploration of the historical struggles and
social phenomena that created hip hop music and
culture. This event aims to educate youth about
this heritage.
Special Guest: Master T (formerly of Muchmusic)
Venue for conference: Carleton University
Time for conference: 9am to 5pm(Friday) 9am to

6. Afrikan Liberation Day * Sunday, 10th
February, 2002
A day dedicated to the memory of Black Heroines
and Heroes from around the world played a key
role in the liberation of African peoples and the
enjoyment of the freedoms they have today; the
struggle continues...
Venue : Jack Purcell Community Centre
Time: 9am to 5pm 7.

7. Afrikan Film Showcase * Saturday, 16th
February, Sunday, 17th February, 2002
A series of film screenings documenting the
experience of people of African descent
historically, culturally and socially. A
particular focus on Blacks in Canada.
Venue: Ottawa Public Library
Time for Sat.:1-3pm
Time for Sun: 1-5pm
Cost: Donations accepted

8. Black Designer Showcase - Saturday, 23rd
March, 2002
Fashion Show presenting collections by Black
designers from the region.
Place: Hotel Holiday Inn Plaza de la Chaudière,
Hull QC
Time: 7pm -10pm
Cost: $10 (advance), $15 at the door
NB: Partners: CHUO, Carleton University, Ottawa
Public Library, National Archives, The Spectrum,
Jack Purcell Community Centre, African and
Caribbean Diplomatic
Sponsors: Jaku Konbit, City of Ottawa, NSERC 
P.O. Box 53247
50 Rideau Street Ottawa ON K1N 9J0
Phone: (613) 231-8453 Fax: (613) 231-7639
Contact us at admin@blackhistoryottawa.com
© 2002 Black History Ottawa and
blackhistoryottawa.com.  All Rights Reserved. 

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