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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Permaculture movie night

	Want to learn how to transform devastated wastelands into 
gardens of Eden, and have a great time doing it? 

	 Come to the Permaculture video night to find out how we 
can rehabilitate damaged wilderness, bring nature to the city and 
create productive, beautiful, sustainable human habitats. 

	March 9, 7pm at the PERC, 174 First Ave:  

	Global Gardener is a video featuring Bill Mollison, co-
creator of the permaculture philosophy. In it, he takes us on a world 
tour from Zimbabwe to New York City, showing us communities 
who are learning to weave together traditional knowledge and 
appropriate technology. Using permaculture design and philosopy, 
these pro-activists are changing the world, beginning with their own 

RSVP attendance so we know how many to expect - Or for more 
info. Call Sarah at 819-827-6074 or the PERC at 230-4590

Equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons, 
and no government can stand which is not founded on justice. 
				Aristotle (384-322) 

Peace and Environment Resource Centre
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