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[OPIRG-EVENTS] It's a Party! Bring Michael Moore to Ottawa!

Where: On your email
When: Now! Until Thursday, March 7 at noon.
What: Send us your letters of invitation to bring Michael Moore to Ottawa.
Why: Read on!

HEY ! this is exciting stuff - and it is going to require everybody's
participation but it's easy, and it could be loads o' fun! (IF you think
writing a quick email and then hosting Michael Moore in Ottawa is fun that

I talked with a book representative for Harper Collins yesterday  about
bringing Michael Moore to Ottawa  The book rep informed me that "big
authors" most often only go to Vancouver and Toronto.  Ottawa is left off
the map. -  here's the scoop.
We have to show Harper Collins why:

1.  Michael Moore should come to Ottawa.
2.  Octopus Books should be the organizers and booksellers of the event.

In what we feel to be is true Michael Moore form, we are putting together a
package to show this.  Besides stuff about the store and its focus, we are
going to include photos of octopus events, pamphlets produced by local
activists, newspaper clippings of our favourite ottawa actions and
hopefully tons of emails from you! (remember the scene in The Big One where
people went on video saying why Nike should come to Flint - same idea)
So all we need from you , if you please is...

Send us emails, we want thousands! We want to send Harper Collins a package
with all of your encouragement,
please include:
1.Who you are
2.Name of your organization (if you are part of one that will endorse this.)
3. Why you think Michael Moore should come to Ottawa (in 30 words or less)

   Send it to us by Thursday, March 7 at noon.  We will run off to the post
office and send it one day express to Harper Collins and Michael Moore!

Moore's book Stupid White Men was going to the shredders after Sept 11
because of his criticism of George W. Bush, but librarians and others
caught word of this and bombarded Harper Collins with their outrage.
To read more about Michael Moore and story of how his book got published,
go to www.michaelmoore.com .

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Now on the world wide web
join us at http://www.octopusbooks.org

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