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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Women, Family and the State- INtersection of Art and Law

The National Association of Women and the Law will launch its biennial 
conference on women, family and the state tomorrow March 7th. On the eve 
of International Women's Day, the launch of this conference will focus on 
the intersection of art and law. It is a public event and registration is 
not necessary. Please find the program below. 

- nancy peckford. 


the Family
and the State
National Association of Women and the Law Biennial Conference
Ottawa, March 7 -10, 2002

Thursday, March 7th 2002 
Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. W.

7:00-8:00 Opening Plenary
Welcome to Algonquin Land: Chief Lisa Ozawanimke 
Opening Address: Chantal Tie: Women the Family and the State in the 
Context of Privatization and Globalization 

Welcome: NAWL Conference Committee 

8:00 Opening Reception
Art Exhibit Opening: Templates For Activism/ Modèles de militance : 
Template #2: Bridging Visions
Art and law meet in an exhibition of visual, sonic and performance art by 
eight artists and six lawyers, at The New City Hall Art Gallery.

The Templates for Activism project, a new Community Arts model that links 
the skills, tools and activisms of two visionary sets of workers, has 
received support through the Canadian Research Institute for the 
Advancement of Women, The Gibraltar Point Center for the Arts and the 
Canada Council for the Arts.

Performance piece: 8:30 

		"Hope is a passion for the possible."

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