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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Graffiti Jam and Naturalization Park Clean-up

From: "Amy-Anne Touzin" <aatouzin@hotmail.com>

Cleanup with United Ways' Youth Volunteers
Graffiti Jam with music from Mz. Revolution and Krossoptix.
Local artists will be painting in the afternoon.
Food by The Garden Spot
Bring your drums!

Oxbow Park.  The park is situated between the Rideau River and Raven Road.  
Follow the path along the Rideau River behind the school and you will get to 
Oxbow Park once you've passed Robertson Hall and the greenhouses. Oxbow Park 
is near the Bronson Bridge.

Saturday April 27th
clean up starts at 10AM
Graffiti Jam and Music starts at 1PM

Hi everyone,

OPIRG-Carleton's Naturalization Group along with United Way Youth 
volunteers, the Garden Spot, Bass~is for Change is holding an event this 
Saturday in Oxbow Park.  Please come out and bring your friends.  We need 
volunteers to help with the clean up and to make sure other activities run 
smoothly.  No gardening skills required, just come out and have fun.

The weather forecast predicts sun for Saturday.
Clean up is rain or shine.  Graffiti Jam is weather permitting.

See you there!

Amy-Anne Touzin

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