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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Chill Zone: Take the Capital!

Ottawa, June 26 & 27, 2002 

Throughout the North East, organizations, groups and individuals 
are planning two days of action called łTake the Capital!˛ in Ottawa on 
June 26 & 27. As the executive board of global capitalism retreats to 
the foothills of Alberta,łTake the Capital!˛ is taking resistance 
to the G8 into the streets of Ottawa. 

Called in clear opposition to the G8, in solidarity with protests in 
Alberta and with resistance to capitalism and imperialism world-wide, the 
two days of protest in Ottawa  will target the many manifestations of 
political and economic power of Canada's national capital -- the 
year-round administrative home of the G8 in this country. 

As part of this resistance, Dundonald Park will be reclaimed as a Chill 
Zone to offer a public, chill and festive space in which radical 
anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist opposition to the G8 can be expressed 
and articulated in eight thousand creative and artistic ways over the 
course of the two days of protest. 


The Dundonald Park CHILL ZONE will BEGIN at 1PM on Wednesday June 26th. 
Dundonald Park is located at SOMERSET and LYON, across from The Beer Store. 


Dundonald Park will be used by various groups, organizations and 
individuals to create a zone of radical artistic expression and 
creativity. The creation of this Chill Zone in Dundonald Park will 
itself be an action, that is, a reclaiming of public space -- the public 
space of a city park in Ottawa, where as in many other cities, parks are 
monitored and regulated by state authorities taking away the human and 
community value of public gathering and meeting places. 

We are inviting people to come to Dundonald Park during "Take the 
Capital!" and organize autonomously in a variety of ways. We encourage 
groups, individuals, collectives and organizations to stage poetry 
readings, street theater, workshops, musical improvisation and all 
manifestations of creative festive dissent toward the G8 that come to 
mind. All those coming to participate in these activities are asked to 
respect the chill and festive character of the Chill Zone. 

The Chill Zone will also be a place in Ottawa where people can relax and 
be nourished, as a number of notorious food collectives will 
establish Dundonald Park as their permanent food-serving site on June 
26 & 27th. 

If you want to perform, distribute materials & propaganda, play music, 
organize workshops or contribute to the Zone in any other colorful 
way, please get in touch with us by emailing at takethecapital@tao.ca or 
by phone at 613-788-3310. 

Ottawa Actions Against the G8 
June 26-27, 2002 
613-788-3310 (messages only) 
on parle francais. 
se habla espanol. 

It takes two to high five.
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