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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jane Scharf has hunger strike to end child restraints/Ottawa, Monday, June l7

Jane Scharf has hunger strike to end child
restraints/Ottawa, Monday, June l7

P R E S S    R E L E A S E       JUNE 13/2002
On Monday, June l7, 2002, Jane Scharf will be
commencing a hunger strike in protest of child
restraints in group homes, treatment and correctional
The hunger strike will take place at 10 Rideau Street
(corner of Colonel By Drive) in Ottawa beginning
at l0:30 a.m, Monday, June l7.  The hunger strike will
be attended by Coalition members and supporters.
The strike is organized by the Coalition to End Child
There is some more information at the Coalition's
website at:

There will be updates on the website as well as an
opportunity to sign up to an automatic update list.
Jane Scharf has made a resolution to continue the
hunger strike until the authorities undertake to
enforce laws, policies, and procedures already in
place to protect children and youth in group homes
from assault and excessive and rampant use of child
Jane says "watch for my sign 'Hunger Strike to End
Child Restraints' on your way to work.  If you
pass me by, let my hunger strike remind you that
thousands of children are being imperiled by the
brutal systemic practice of child restraints used as
punishment in group homes.  
If you want to, you can help to figure out something
to show these vulnerable children in group homes that
you care.  For example, voice your opinions as
frequently as you can, phone and send letters to the
powers that be that condone the practice of using
child restraints on children in group homes and other
Please let me know that you care, and this will keep
up my spirit.

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