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[OPIRG-EVENTS] transit forum

(Translated from a graphics only PDF)

WHO: City of Ottawa
WHAT: Rapid Transit Expansion Study, public open house
WHERE: Landsdown Park. Assembly Hall. 1015 Bank Street, Ottawa (Bus routes 1 and 7)
WHEN: June 20, 2002. drop in between 4pm to 9pm
CONTACT: Peter Steacy, peter.steacy@ottawa.ca, 580-2424 x 21877

"Tired of being stuck in Traffic? We want your views on how to move rapid
transit forward."

The City of Ottawa has started the Rapid Transit Expansion Study, taking us
closer to our goal of developing and environmentally friendly
transit-oriented community. The study will focus on the benefits and costs of 
expanding rapid transit service (light rail and bus) along existing and new
corridors. It will prioritize corridors, consider frequency and ridership,
identify appropriate technologies within specific corridors and determine
implementation costs. ....

(this is phase 1 and 2 of an environmental assessment)

Public open house, June 20, 2002. drop in between 4pm to 9pm, Landsdown Park.
Assembly Hall. 1015 Bank Street, Ottawa, (Free parking) (Bus routes 1 and 7)

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