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[OPIRG-EVENTS] meeting and potluck tonight at dundonald park

As most of you know, the seven year squat, an abandonned house on
gilmour that dozens of people called home, was emptied out late last
night and early this morning by police.  those who barracaded themselves
inside, as well as some people providing outside support, were arrested,
and are still in jail as i write this.
there will be a meeting for all those interested in helping with jail
solidarity, as well as those who wish to discuss our next step in the
fight for social housing and a safe space for people to live and build
community (without being pepper sprayed and beaten by riot police).  

the meeting is also a potluck, and i urge everyone to bring whatever
food you have available, because many of the squatters don't have access
to food, or a kitchen and some haven't eaten (or slept) in over
twenty-four hours.
the meeting is at dundonald park (somerset and lyon) at six o'clock,
today - wednesday july third. 
in solidarity
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