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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Wed.Jul.17, Police Liason Mtg re: G-8

Although I'm NOT the contact for this event, or anything close to it, we
received this info at the Witness group, and it might be of interest to
others in Ottawa.


Ottawa Police Major Events Liaison Team

Wednesday July 17th, 2002
7:00 PM  9:00 PM
First United Church
397 Kent Street (at Florence)

The Major Events Liaison Team of the Ottawa Police Service is pleased to
invite you to an evening of discussion of the G-8 related demonstrations and
events that recently took place in Ottawa.

This meeting is intended to provide community members with the opportunity
to contribute suggestions and ideas for making future Major Events in Ottawa
safer and better for everyone.

The Ottawa Police Service commitment to working with the community to
improve major events policing is outlined in a discussion paper entitled An
Agenda for Excellence for Major Events: Police and Community Challenges.

The Agenda for Excellence is available at

We hope you will be able to join us for a creative and productive

If you are unable to attend the public consultation, but would like to
contribute your thoughts or suggestions, we would be pleased to hear from
you by phone, fax or email.


The Major Events Liaison Team
Inspector Rick Murphy
Phone: (613) 236-1222, ext. 5471
Fax: (613) 760-8095
Email: openlines@ottawapolice.ca

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