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[OPIRG-EVENTS] SPHR//September 27 & 28 Event

Dear Members and Supporters,
Please find below a detailed agenda for the September
27th and 28th event. This is going to be a unique
event with many activities to be done on both days.
Activities will include artistic, cultural and
political presentations by divers groups.
There will be a meeting on Thursday September 26 @
630pm in the Ottawa University Cafeteria for all
individuals and organizations make the coffins,
banners, slogans, etc.  Also we will be dividing up
the volunteers into different groups to deal with the
(APPROXIMATELY 100 INDIVIDUALS). So please encourage
everyone to attend and help out. Letís make this the
biggest and best event in North America.
September 27th:

        Place: Wellington Street in front of
Parliament Hill. 
        Time: Start 10:00 AM End: 5:00 PM
 Details: The first day is focused on the
organizations and different struggles from around the
world; organizations will be provided with tables to
provide the public with information about their
particular plight(s). 

Reservations: table@sphr.org or call 613-266-5850
                    demo@sphr.org or call 613-266-5850

September 28th:

Details: The day will begin with info tables on
Parliament Hill
1:30 PM            Protesters will gather for the
Rally (Major Hill Park in front of the American  

2:00 PM            Rally will commence. A route will
be taken through Downtown Ottawa and ending at
Parliament Hill. 
Speeches will be presented by Stanley L. Cohen (Jewish
American Lawyer heading the case against Ariel Sharon
and other individuals and organizations in Israel and
the U.S.); Delinda Curtiss Hanley (News Editor of the
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
http://www.wrmea.com); and Dr.Ismail Zayid ( a
Palestinian Professor in Halifax;
http://izayid.tripod.com/ )

4:00 PM            Ending at Parliament Hill. 

4:30 PM            The final statement and list of
demands will be read; also, the list of supporting
organizations will be announced

5:00 PM            a cultural and artistic
presentation (will include English, French, and Arabic
artists), and a special performance by the Toronto
based Dabki group  Mosaic. 

7:00 PM            The start of the Documentary
presentation and participants will get the chance to
plant candles in lawn of Parliament Hill. The candles
will reflect the number of Palestinians killed

For all questions please email ottawa@sphr.org,
toronto@sphr.org, sphr@sphr.org. Or call (Ottawa)
613-755-9766, (Montreal) 514-905-5101, (Toronto)
Please note that this is a rough plan for the event
and updates will be released in the next few days

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