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PUBLIC FORUM: Silent Killers - How Pesticide are Threatening Our Health

Thursday October 17, 2002 7:30 - 9:30 PM
McNabb Community centre, 180 Percy St. (near corner of Bank & Gladstone)

Get informed about the health dangers of pesticides.
Hear the evidence and draw your own conclusions.
Find out why Ottawa city council should ban the cosmetic use of pesticides.


Dr. Ross Michelson (Environmental Medicine)  will present  the mounting
evidence that pesticcides are harming human health.

Dr. John Molot (Environmental Medicine & Onatrio College of Family
Physicians) will report what the College  is advising family physicians.

Angela Rickman (Executive Director Sierra Club of Canada) will speak about
why children are particularly vulnerable to pesticide exposure and why the
federal regulatory system is not protecting our health.

Linda Nolan-Leeming will talk about  her personal experience with

PLEASE do not wear scented products to this event.

Suggested donation: $5
SPONSORED BY: The Ottawa Allergy and Environmental Association, a non-profit
registered charity
For more information see www.aeha.ca or call 523-8062

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