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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sunday, 3 November Teach In on Iraq - full programme

Want to stop the war on Iraq?
Below is the full programme for Sunday's teach-in. As you'll see, LOTS of
interesting and practical workshops - with people from many different
backgrounds and experiences - on what is happening and what we can do about
it, as well as four fine panelists to give a context of in-depth information
and to inspire.
Hope to see you all there (and your neighbours, grandmothers, and anyone
else you might be able to rope in).
Directions follow the message.
Teach-in: War on Iraq? Not if we can help it!
Sunday, 3 November; Carleton University
Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee

2:00 to 3:15 Panel Discussion, facilitated by Soha Kneen
(101 Azrieli Pavilion)

Bahija Réghaï, "The war on the people of Iraq"
Richard Sanders, "Reasons for the war on Iraq" (Coalition to Oppose the Arms
Steven Staples, "Globalisation and militarisation" (Polaris Institute)
Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, "Effective strategies for building
alternatives, locally and globally" (TRANSCEND and PATRIR)

3:30 to 4:30 Action/information workshops (concurrent)

"Collateral damage"?? Depleted uranium and cluster bombs (234 Azrieli
led by Bill Skidmore, with input from Louise Richard (nurse who served with
the Canadian army during the Gulf War) on impact of depleted uranium; and
Celina Tuttle on cluster bombs (Mines Action Canada) Depleted uranium
weapons and cluster bombs have been used by US in all its recent wars,
leaving behind a legacy of destruction and death for years to come.
Information on the impact of these weapons and campaigns to oppose them.

Sanctions-busting date campaign (301 Dunton Tower)
led by Samer Abboud, Voices of Peace
Iraqi dates are famous for their sweetness - and illegal under the sanctions
on Iraq. Find out about the sanctions and how you can help to sell dates
from Iraq, in a campaign which involves civil disobedience of the sweetest

Building local support for resistance movements in Iraq: the Iraq Peace
Teams (132 Azrieli Pavilion)
led by Elias Assad and Mary Foster, with input from Eric Schiller (volunteer
with International Solidarity Movement in Palestine)
Teams of internationals are forming to go to Iraq to deter aggression by the
US and UK, living among the Iraqi people as human shields. Learn more about
the initiative and discuss how we can support them with media and other work
here in Ottawa.

Radical cheerleading! (302 Dunton Tower)
led by the Radical Cheerleaders, an OPIRG Carleton Working Group
Cultural subversion! Learn how to inspire resistance to the war, and help
develop a cheer for N17.

Nonviolent Direct Action, A force more powerful (303 Dunton Tower)
led by Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, TRANSCEND
Workshop on developing concrete strategies and approaches for direct
non-violent action and resistance to war, raising awareness, mobilizing
broad-based coalitions, and empowering people for direct democracy.

Prop-making for N17: Puppets, banners, creative things! (101 Azrieli
led by Anxiety Performance, an OPIRG Carleton working group
Hands on workshop for people wanting to get down to work, and have some fun!

Rooting out hypocrisy: weapons inspection action (305 Dunton Tower)
led by OPIRG Carleton
What about those weapons of mass destruction immediately to our south??
Watch a video by Michael Moore and help plan Ottawa support for the "Rooting
out evil" action, which involves sending weapons inspectors to the US. And
what about our own Canadian contributions to the arms trade??

5:00 to 6:00   Coordinating meeting for 17 November rally against the war on
the Iraqi people

DIRECTIONS to the Teach In, Sunday Nov. 3, 2 p.m.:
The Azrieli Pavilion is just east of the Dunton Arts Tower which, being 22
stories tall, is the tallest building at Carleton University.
To get to the Azrieli Pavilion, turn off Bronson Ave into the Carleton
campus and take the first right. Then turn left at the first stop sign.
Pass one stop sign and turn right into a large parking lot.  Walk west,
through or around the Unicentre, to the Azrieli Pavilion. The Teach In is
in Room 101. If in doubt, ask a student!

For more information on any of the above, contact:
tel. 523-1077
updates posted at www.nowar-paix.org

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