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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sun.Nov.3 - Ed Shaw documentary on CBC

This just in from Peter Wall of CBC: Ed Shaw, for those of you unfamiliar
with the name, is a 76 year-old Canadian citizen and an aid worker in Latin
America who has been held for more than a year now without trial in a
Louisiana prison, facing a mandatory minimum 30 year sentence on very
dubious evidence. Tune in to CBC this Sunday to find out more, and please
pass the word!

Greetings all,

The Ed Shaw documentary will air this Sunday, for sure. Most likely, it
will air at 11am. However, as our show can be subject to changes at the
last minute, if you want to be sure to see it, I suggest watching the whole
show (10:00 - noon). 

It will also be shown on Newsworld, between 7-9pm. But sometimes this
showing is cut short because of news and news updates...so again, if you
want to be sure to see the whole piece, best to watch Sunday morning.

Take care,

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