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Corporate Profits over Native Rights?

Speaking throughout Ontario during the month of November,
Ottawa Welcomes...

Nicole Manuel - Native Youth Movement-Secwepemc Chapter
William "Wolverine" Ignace - Secwepemc Elder
Boyce Richardson -  Author 

Friday, November 15th, 2002
7:30 pm
231 Unicentre, Porter Hall
Carleton University

Prison, Probation, Community Service... but what about Aboriginal Title?
The Secwepemc people are fighting for their traditional land, their way
of life; trying everything from reports filed with the United Nations
International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial
Discrimination (CERD) to the blockading of Sun Peaks Resort Road. Youth
and Elders, side by side, are standing up against the BC government, the
RCMP, and the Sun Peaks Corporation and demanding justice. Recent court
sentences for a summer blockade have not dampened their spirits and only
serve to focus the struggle and expose the systemic racism facing them.

Co-sponsored by OPIRG-Carleton, OPIRG-Ottawa, OPIRG-McMaster,
OPIRG-Toronto, OPIRG-Guelph, WPIRG (Waterloo), OPIRG-Peterborough, 
Carleton University Students Association (CUSA), No One is Illegal,
Anti-Colonial Working Group - Concordia, QPIRG-Concordia, QPIRG-McGill,
KIAROS, Friends of the Lubicon...
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