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[OPIRG-EVENTS] April 2: War, Peace and Small Arms - A South Asian Civil Society Perspective with SAP International

South Asia Partnership (SAP) Canada cordially invites
you to

A South Asian Civil Society Perspective


Dr James Arputharaj 
Executive Director, South Asia Partnership
International (SAPI), Colombo 
Ms. Chamila Hemmathagama, Program Officer (SAPI)

To be followed by a discussion

Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 
Time: 12-2 
Place: Room 202, 2nd Floor, 
1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

The widespread proliferation and easy availability of
small arms is a pressing threat to the security of the
states and peoples of South Asia. In response, South
Asia Partnership International has been working on a
initiative to find effective solutions for this
growing problem. Dr Arputharaj has played a key role
in this initiative and in the South Asian peace
movement. He and his colleague will speak about the
small arms issue, in a regional and international
context, including the recent formalization of 
SASANet Ė Small Arms in South Asia Network. A South
Asian civil society led formation, the aim of SASANet
is to influence policy and bring about security sector
reform in South Asia through effective research,
advocacy and public engagement, at the local, national
and regional level. 

(Donít forget to bring your lunch)

Please RSVP To:
Veena Gokhale, India Program Manager, SAP Canada
Phone: (613) 241-1333 ext 231, Fax (613) 241-1129 
Email: vgokhale@sapcanada.org  

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