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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa Labour Against the War (OLAW) - Emergency Gathering for Labour March to Parliament Hill - Today at 5pm!


Along with the general call for everyone on the Ottawa side to head to Parliament Hill 
this afternoon for the 5:30 rally in opposition to the War launched last night, Ottawa
Labour Against the War (www.olaw.ca) is calling on all trade unionists to gather at
the CUPE National Office parking lot (behind 21 Florence St. and 20 James St. near Bank)
for a 5pm Labour March to the Hill.  Members and staff of CUPE and CUPW invite all other
trade unionists in the area to bring their union banners, flags, placards etc. to this
march, where we will head north on Bank St. to join up with the main rally at 5:30pm.

This will be an excellent way to gather others along the way and inform people of the

Ottawa labour is against the war - here is our chance to show it!

Kevin Skerrett
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