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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: Pat Capponi event - tonight!

Forwarded from the good folks at Octopus Books...

Beyond the crazy house: changing the future of madness

BY Pat Capponi
A moving and insightful new book by Pat Capponi, the
author of  Upstairs in the crazy house, a critically
acclaimed memoir of her own experience as a mental
patient. Now, a decade later, she returns to the
subject of mental illness introducing us to
psychiatric survivors who, like herself have managed
to reconstruct their lives against all odds.
As the survivor's stories unfold Capponi offers her
own informed and deeply humane critique of our mental
health system  The result is a captivating and
powerful portrait of mental illness, the people who
live with it, and a treatment system in desperate need
of reform.. Beyond the Crazy House will transform the
way we regard mental health in this country.
This is an important event for anyone interested in
the mental health care system in this country, as well
as issues of poverty and inequality.  Pat is an
excellent speaker, this is sure to be a great night. 
Please join us to hear her read and to discuss the

Tuesday March 25, 
7:00 p.m.
Jack Purcell Community Centre 
320 Elgin Street  between Gilmour and Gladstone
This location is wheelchair accessible.
Questions 233-2589
 critical thinking for over thirty years
join us on the web at www.octopusbooks.ca

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