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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Pro-war NOT anti-war rally on the Hill on March 29th

Please distribute: Pro-war NOT anti-war rally on the
Hill on March 29th

Please note Ė There was an announcement made at the
last anti-war rally on Parliament Hill that there
would be another anti-war rally there the following
week. This has also been advertised by the main stream
media.  On Saturday March 29th a there is a PRO-WAR
not an anti-war rally on the hill. There is a regular
NOWAR/PAIX march through the market (notice below),
but a pro-war group has attained a permit for the Hill
and the NOWAR/PAIX march will not be ending there.

Please distribute this information to anyone you feel
may have been misinformed about the rally or anyone
you know who may attend the pro-war rally unknowingly.

Regular NOWAR/PAIX marches continue this Saturday

Regular NOWAR/PAIX march
Saturday March 29th, 12:00pm
*Please note this is NOT on Parliament Hill, where
there is a Pro-war rally.

This Saturday the Network to Oppose War and Racism
(NOWAR/PAIX) will continue itís regular marches, held
every Saturday since the October of 2001.  The network
started the marches after the United States and itís
allies, including Canada, started bombing the people
of Afghanistan. Our marches continue and highlight
different issues of war, racism and the erosion of
civil rights. The marches have just joined the
anti-war rallies organized by the Committee for Peace
in Iraq for the last couple weeks, but this week will
return to starting at York and Sussex at noon.  We
distribute literature and engage our fellow citizens
in the Market, but we also support one another and
communicate with each other. 

Please bring your signs, your outrage and your

Please note: The march normally circulates through the
market, by the United States Embassy and ends when we
reach Parliament Hill. We will not be going to
Parliament Hill as there is a Pro-war rally organized
for the Hill on that day.

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