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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Federal Green Party leader speaks

  UPDATE: Jim Harris, the leader of the Federal Green Party will be speaking 
at this Saturday's Gala fundraiser. For more infomation, call 860-1330, or 
email ottawa-centre@greenparty.on.ca. The original ad follows:

---- Original teaser: ----
  Are you a fan of good food and great folk music? Are you concerned about the  outcome of the upcoming provincial election in Ontario?

  The Green Party of Ontario (Ottawa-Centre) is holding a fundraising dinner
and concert on Saturday April 12 from 5:30pm, music from 8pm. The music
includes Terry Tufts, Jennifer Noxon and Dan Mayo. Tickets include a tax
refundable donation to the Chris Bradshaw election campaign in  Ottawa Centre   and are priced $50 - $1000.  A low/no income price is available, we would
rather have you join us than be unable to afford to.

  For tickets, call 860-1330, or email ottawa-centre@greenparty.on.ca.

  Visit our website at: http://www.greenparty.on.ca/ca/ottawa-centre

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