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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: re-Cycles info session this coming Saturday!

The re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op invites everyone to attend our Spring Info


Saturday April 26th, 12:00 noon


University of Ottawa, Vanier Building - room 231, 136 Jean-Jacques
Lussier, 275 Nicholas, or 11 Marie Curie (The building has three
addresses. It's the one close to the Transitway.)


Ever wanted to learn how to fix your bike - or, aching to apply your
extensive bicycle mechanic knowledge towards a good cause? Ever wanted
to help keep old bikes away from landfill and on the road? Looking for a
place to donate old bikes, or fix an experienced one for yourself? Then
come learn more about the re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op.

Volunteers at re-Cycles fix donated bicycles and sells them at
affordable prices to anyone who wants dependable, self-propelled
transportation. By working on bikes, our volunteers get free instruction

and experience in bike mechanics. The Co-op also provides space for
individuals to fix their own bikes - we provide the tools, you provide
the labour. An experienced mechanic is always on hand to lend advice.

Our spring information session will answer questions such as "How does
re-Cycles work?", "What is a co-op?" and "What if I don't have any
experience?" A tour of our fully equipped shop, located on Nelson St.,
near the Bytowne Cinema, will be available afterwards for anyone who is

email: re-cycles@flora.org

website: www.flora.org/re-cycles

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