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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: Anti-Scab Legislation: Workers to Pressure their MPs

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> From: 	Cindi Foreman  
> Sent:	Tuesday, April 29, 2003 5:09 PM
> To:	CUPW-STTP Everyone
> Subject:	Anti-Scab Legislation: Workers to Pressure their MPs
> Anti-Scab Legislation: Workers to Pressure their MPs
>     OTTAWA, April 29 /CNW/ - Unionized workers across Canada will be
> watching
> this evening the first hour of debate in the House of Commons on Bill
> C-328
> that aims to explicitly prohibit the use of strike breakers, in the
> federal
> jurisdiction. To mark the occasion, the Canadian Labour Congress
> invites all
> workers to sign the petition being circulated in support of the bill.
> And to
> make it more available, the CLC will immediately post the petition on
> its web
> site, www.clc-ctc.ca <http://www.clc-ctc.ca>.
>     "As we've said before, in this matter, the federal jurisdiction is
> definitely outdated and backward compared to Quebec and British
> Columbia,"
> says Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress. "We
> urge the
> federal government and the MPs of the Liberal majority to join the New
> Democratic Party's and the Bloc Québécois' MPs to vote in support of
> the
> amendments to the Canada Labour Code proposed by Monique Guay's Bill
> C-328."
>     Bill C-328, introduced by Monique Guay, MP for Laurentides, Bloc
> Québécois, enjoys the unanimous support of the Executive Council of
> the
> Canadian Labour Congress. It is on the agenda for debate late today,
> Tuesday,
> April 29th, in the House of Commons. Another debate is scheduled in
> the fall,
> that will be followed by a vote.
>     "Between now and that vote, I encourage all workers to sign the
> petition
> and to use our web site to directly fax letters to their MPs to
> impress upon
> them the importance of prohibiting employers to use scabs during
> strikes or
> lock-outs. The experience in Quebec and British Columbia has shown,
> without a
> doubt, that the express prohibition on hiring strike breakers has
> contributed
> immensely to civilized industrial relations during work stoppages on
> top of
> reducing significantly the statistics on work days lost to strike or
> lock-out."
>     The Canadian Labour Congress, the national voice of the labour
> movement,
> represents 2.5 million Canadian workers. The CLC brings together
> Canada's
> national and international unions along with the provincial and
> territorial
> federations of labour and 137 district labour councils. Web site:
> www.clc-ctc.ca <http://www.clc-ctc.ca>
> -30-
> For further information: Jean Wolff, 613-526-7431 and 613-798-6040;
> Jeff 
> Atkinson, 613-526-7425 and 613-292-1413, communications@clc-ctc.ca
> <MailTo:communications@clc-ctc.ca>
> http://www.newswire.ca/releases/April2003/29/c5615.html
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