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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CIDA speaker Thursday May 1, HIV/AIDS in Africa

This is to notify OPIRG users that Christopher
Armstrong is arriving 6:25 on Thursday, May 1 at
Carleton Unicentre, Information counter to give a
presentation on the problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa and
on CIDA's work in this area. He will speak for about
30 min. and will keep 30 min. for questions. He will
have slides,information booklets and other literature
with him. The presentation was organised by WUSC

Here is some of Mr. Armstrong's biography:

Christopher Armstrong
HIV/AIDS Advisor, Policy Branch
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Christopher Armstrong holds a Masters degree in Public
Health from Yale University with an emphasis on
International Health and Development and a Bachelor of
Science (Physiology) from McGill University. Mr.
Armstrong has worked in the field of international
development for a number of years working with NGOs in
Thailand, Cambodia and India as well as for UNICEF and
the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). 

In Thailand he worked with a local NGO, the Human
Development Centre, on slum and community development
projects including an HIV/AIDS outreach project and
hospice. Also in Thailand, as well as Cambodia, Chris
worked for Street Kids International on an outreach
and training project focusing on sexual health and
substance use among youth.  In Calcutta India, he
worked with a local NGO providing hospice care as well
as with a non-formal education project for
street-involved youth. As an intern with UNICEF in New
York, Chris worked to help advise the organization on
issues relating to health communication. 

Currently with CIDA, since early 2001, Chris works as
an HIV/AIDS Advisor within the Policy Branch providing
strategic direction to the agency on all issues
related to HIV/AIDS. 

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