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[OPIRG-EVENTS] ACA at the Ottawa-Outaouais Social Forum

come check out the workshops that Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) is 
presenting at the Social Forum.  all ACA workshops take place on Saturday 
May 2nd and are located on the campus of Ottawa U.  for a map of the campus 
go to: http://www.uottawa.ca/map/

for more information on the Social Forum itself and to find out about other 
workshops and events taking place, go to: 

Anarchism 101 

In recent years, there has been a massive resurgence of interest in the 
anarchist vision of a decentralized, non-hierarchal society. This workshop 
will describe basic anarchist principles as well as debunking the many 
myths about anarchism. This workshop is aimed primarily at people curious 
about, or new to, anarchist ideas. 

Location: Montpetit 204 (10:00 to 11:00) 
Presenters: Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) 
Languages: English 

Challenging oppression and redefining security 

This workshop will BEGIN to challenge participants to link and oppose all 
oppressions in their work. Hardened activists as well as people new to 
movements are equally welcome. We will be using examples from our work in 
solidarity with Mohamed Harkat as a tool to assist people in their 
understandings of systematic discrimination and active solidarity. 

Location: Vanier 469 (10:45 to 12:15)
Presenters: Anti-Oppression Ottawa and Direct Action Casework Ottawa (DACO) 
Languages: English 

Class monopoly 

This workshop will be exploring the effects of social stratification (i.e. 
what class you are born into) on how successful you are in life using the 
game of Monopoly. In it, we will divide people into upper-class, middle 
class, and working class groupings. 
Location: Montpetit 204 (11:00 to 12:00) 
Presenters: Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) 
Languages: English  

The anti-war movement and the United Nations 

The actions of the Bush regime in America have seen the first ever 
mobilization against a war before it even took place. Now with the US 
invasion of Iraq, the anti-war movement has reached a crossroads. In our 
talk, we will offer suggestions and constructive criticisms in order to 
improve this movement\'s chances at achieving the ultimate goal of ending 
all wars. We will particularly focus on how appeals to the UN 
or "International Law" are highly problematic in terms of achieving our 

Location: Montpetit 204 (9:00 to 10:00) 
Presenters: Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) 
Languages: English  
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