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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FILM FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - meetings each wednesday evening


One World Film Festival

World Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM) is searching for
fun, dynamic and interesting people to help organize
this year's 14th annual One World Film Festival.

If you are interested in film, global issues or just
plain helping out, we would love to have you join our
film festival committee. We need people to assist in a
variety of tasks: film selection, publicity, public
education activities, translation, fundraising, and
working on the logistics of the Festival!

The committee meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM
in the WIAM boardroom at 323 Chapel Street (near
Laurier E.) If you would like to participate in this
entertaining and educational event, as well as meet
some great people, just show up at our weekly meeting.

The One World Film Festival will take place in Ottawa
in October. For more information, please call 238-4659
or visit the WIAM website at: www.web.net/~wia

Please read Iraq Peace Team reports at www.nowar-paix.ca

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