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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sat June 14: Activist Soccer on the Hill

All skill levels welcome to....

Saturday June 14th, 7:00 PM
Parliament Hill
Bring:  LOTS of water, shinpads if you have them, comfy clothes, 
friends, fruit
Don't bring:  Cleats

In an effort to shape up the activist community of the 
Ottawa-Carleton-Outaouais area, Anti-capitalist Community Action's (ACA) 
recreation and athletics commitee has scheduled a pickup soccer game for 
7pm next saturday (June 14 2003) at Parliament Hill.

We'll make teams and decide on rules when people show up.  Nothing too 

Please don't wearcleats, because a lot of people don't have them and 
it's not fair to be uneven.

If it rains, show up anyways.  Rain is energizing.

Bring anyone who wants to come along and play...  obviously this isn't 
limited to "active" people.

Remember it'll come in handy to be able to run more than three minutes 
before falling on your face when the revolution comes.  :)

No masters, no slaves                                                (A)

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