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[OPIRG-EVENTS] SAP Canada: Signs of Change in the Slums of Mumbai, multimedia presentation

South Asia Partnership Canada and Operation Eyesight

Cordially invite you to 

A multimedia presentation on



Dr. Gopa Kothari


Day: Wednesday, 18 June, 2003

Time: 12.00 to 2.00 P.M.

Place: CCIC Board Room (Third Floor), 1 Nicholas
Street, Ottawa 

 Dr. Kothari is a senior member of the Mumbai medical
community. Dr. Kothari has spent more than 20 years in
the service of some of the world's most vulnerable
Her story is a dramatic example of international
cooperation, community development and street-level

A pediatrician who specializes in community health,
Dr. Kothari has a close relationship with Operation
Eyesight, which supports her work. Through the
encouragement of clean communities and proper
nutrition, blindness has been averted in thousands of
people, especially children. As well, her work
involves education and training for micro enterprises.
This has had the effect of fundamentally changing the
lives of women in the slums, and their status in their
own society.

Run largely by female staff and volunteers, the Child
Eye Care Charitable Trust provides for the eye health
of children and training for nurses, while
contributing to education, nutrition, sanitation and
literacy needs. These efforts are having a dramatic
effect on local living conditions. Merchants in the
area are encouraged to stock Vitamin A rich foods like
green vegetables, which are crucial in the prevention
of blindness. Young mothers can now read food labels,
and small business projects have allowed them to earn
money to buy the things their families need. Residents
are taught to grow their own vegetables in large tin
cans and plastic buckets. This improves the local
environment and, in turn, the health of the community

The program is truly sustainable - once Dr. Kothari
has a local team in place to maintain the effort, she
and her organizers move on to introduce the program in
a neighboring area. There is a clear, measurable
difference in the health, sanitation and prosperity of
the areas where the project operates.

Among her credentials, Dr. Kothari has lectured at
Oxford University in the United Kingdom, and was a
senior physician at one of Mumbai's major hospitals.
She has turned down many professional opportunities to
focus instead on improving the lives of the
desperately poor, especially women and children.

For more information and other speaking dates, see Dr.
Kothari's Canadian tour web page


Please RSVP to:


Faruq Faisel
Canadian Program Manager
South Asia Partnership Canada
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 200
Ottawa Ontario K1N 7B7
E-mail: ffaisel@sapcanada.org
Phone: (613) 241 1333, Extension 226
Fax: (613) 241 1129
URL: www.sapcanada.org

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