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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Activist Picnic

---------Please Distribute Widely --------- 

Activist Picnic 

On Saturday September 6th at 4pm the NDP will be hosting an Activist Picnic 
at Strathcona Park.  The event will bring together individuals and 
organizations connected to Ottawa’s peace, environmental, social justice, 
global justice, cultural, and labour movements with local New Democrats.   

This will be a great opportunity to build local relationships, exchange 
information, and learn about the NDP Advocacy Teams.  Groups and 
organizations are welcome to bring a table to display literature and 
highlight various issues and campaigns. 

The evening is meant to be very casual, complete with live music and a 
variety of food for sale.  Kids are welcome. 

For more event information, including how your group can participate, 
please contact Joe Cressy at 613-995-9661 or at 
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