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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sun.Sept.7 - Support Same-sex Marriage - Ottawa

The religious and political right wing is planning vigils at 
MPs offices for Sunday, September 7, 3pm - to pressure them to vote 
against the law that redefines marriage as a union of 2 persons.

A counter-assembly is being quickly organized  -  to meet at the 
square in front of the Info Centre at Bank & Wellington St., Ottawa.   
Plan on gathering at 2:30 pm, then walk to Parliament Hill.

This will be a "completely peaceful vigil, but colourful and musical 
(members of the Ottawa GLBT choirs are organizing).  We suggest to 
bring large sings that respectfully support same-sex marriage."

Final details will be circulated on Friday or Sat. if any 
changes - but mark your calendar now if you can offer your suppport !

   Katherine Gunn           Ottawa, Canada          <klgunn@magma.ca>

    The day that all human beings are convinced that the well-being of a 
    nation is increased by the well-being of its neighbour nations, 
    all the old national hatreds will fade.                      J.E.Delécluze

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