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Re: SPKI requirments (was: SPKI RFC draft)

At  5:22 PM 4/12/96 -0700, Paul Leach wrote:
>This is a good argument for a draft laying out the requirements. Is that
>what you mean?
>Some very top level requirements (i.e., just a list of the
>Useful as part of a system for:
>1. authentication of senders of mail
>2. mutual authentication of HTTP clients and servers
>3. key distribution for IPSEC
>4. authentication of posters to news groups
>5. assuring privacy of mail messages
>6. assuring privacy of Web page contents
>If lots more suggestions come in, we should pick a subset to focus on.

I think this is a good list.  However, if the protocols for all of these
functions start to look more-or-less the same, then there is no need to

Regards - Bill

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