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Re: PICS as CA policy labels

At the level you are talking there is no real difference between a
PICS label and an S-expression. PICS is basically a plan to use 
S-expresions to annotate content for censorship pusposes. Do you
really want to be discussing SPKI with Gary Harts ex girlfriend?

While you can probably reuse some of the spec I think that there
is an abstraction mismatch. Its like saying that NNTP can use SMTP
instead of saying that they can use the same basic message format.
Building stuff out of stuff "because it is there" is in my experience
a very bad idea. If we need 

I think that what we need to do is to decide the semantics of the
messages and data structures you wish to send, then chose 
packaging and syntax.

S-expressions look like a good move for the same reasons why LISP is
an interesting language. Just lets not get carried away with the idea
that we are doing something new.