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Re: Delegation in SDSI

From: rivest@theory.lcs.mit.edu (Ron Rivest)
> Are these forms of delegation enough? Too much?  Just right?

I wonder if it would be possible to have some form of anonymous or
blinded delegation.  For example, you want to create a principal which
can participate in some forum without linkage to you, and you want to
pass along some of the powers of your own principal to it.

Another example would be an over-18 credential issued by the government.
Right now I gather this would be done by creating a group "U.S.'s over-18"
which has a list of all principals which belong to people which the
government has verified by some means are over 18.  However when people
use these principals they are linkable by the government to the identity
information the people showed to get into that group.  It would be good
if there were some method to get over-18 authorization using a credential
which the government had seen only in blinded form.

Maybe I am confusing group membership and credentials here.  I do think
the SDSI mechanism could accomodate blind signatures by using an
appropriate signature algorithm.

Hal Finney