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Re: SDSI syntax

  On a different topic, at what point would people find a face to face meeting to 
  discuss these issues helpfull (if at all)? Now is probably premature, but I'm
  asking now because the month of June is probably the latest that one could be
  held before September. Is there an concentration of east coast/ west coast 
  contributors that would make a meeting possible? I ask now because I was in 
  another group where four of us communicated by email for two years before 
  finding out that we were actualy living in a 6 mile radius.

Ron will be giving the Keynote at the USENIX 6th
Security Symposium (about SDSI too), Carl will be
speaking, I'll be there, Steve Bellovin,
basically lots of people.  It is in San Jose in
late July, let's see, 22nd to 25th. See USENIX's
Web Page for the program.


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