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Re: USENIX PGP key signing service

At 04:09 PM 5/31/96 -0700, Wei Dai wrote:
>The example
>you gave in the URL was an English paragraph meant to be read by a person. 
>I think in general that would not be as useful as a short sentence in some
>cannonical form, such as "If you believe a, then you should believe b." 

I think that is a valuable lesson.  In a way, that may be what
Blaze/Feigenbaum/Lacy was trying to do -- only they insisted on having the
Meaning be read by a computer and executed by it.

>Hmm.  If you have (member ID) -> (key) and the key owner himself can issue
>(key) -> (e-mail), why do you need (member ID) -> (e-mail)?

You don't need it.  However, the suggestion by Neal on which I was
elaborating was intended to give that mapping.  [Actually, it may have been
intended to do the mapping

        (person) -> (key)

where the name for the (person) was an e-mail address, but you'd have to ask

 - Carl

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