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line length

At 12:45 PM 7/19/96 -0600, Bob Jueneman wrote:
>>>> Michael Froomkin <froomkin@law.miami.edu> 07/19/96 11:31am >>>
>I always learn from your comments, Bob, but it's so HARD to read on my
>software.  Your machine is setting linelength about 8 characters too long.
>Surely a tech whiz like you can fix this!
>Sorry Michael, (and others who I may have inadvertently annoyed by this 
>problem as well.
>The e-mail processor I'm using (which shall go nameless) doesn't provide 
>any built-in way of delimiting line lengths, and I haven't figured out a way
>of writing a macro that would do it. So I have to do it manually, one line at
>a time, and I'm not very good at it.

Back when I used emacs for e-mail, it was easy to justify all paragraphs of an incoming message.  My spiffy new Eudora believes that incoming mail is read-only (very good, if it's digitally signed) but it won't let me justify.

..very annoying.