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Re: encodings: do we need binary at all? -Reply

At 14:06 2/25/96, Ed Reed wrote:

>Enough.  Yes we need binary encodings (so we don't have a gratuitous
>+12.5% increase in data size, for one thing).  We also need
>length-preceded strings, so the recipient (usually a server) doesn't have
>to spend a lot of time trying to guess where you meant a string to end.

I agree wholeheartedly about length-preceded strings.  Non-ASCII is also
a requirement, for international language support.

However, there are some protocols in which certificates might be embedded
which are defined to be ASCII.  In those cases, I would hate to see us define
a binary encoding which needs parsing, then radix64 encode that result, then
put that into some protocol which needs ASCII parsing.

Is there a standard for non-ASCII strings [e.g., Kanji] embedded in ASCII

 - Carl

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