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General Requirements (was Re: encodings, character sets, general requirements)

>azb@llnl.gov (Tony Bartoletti) writes:
>>Regarding ...
>>> >   Other requirements:
>>> >     - Trust model must be a web (people want to choose whom they trust).
>>> >       People must be able to choose whom they trust or consider
>>> >       reliable roots (maybe with varying reliabilities).
>>>The trust model should be a "constrained web", not the current PGP
>>>                                        - Bill
>>Are we dictating a single trust model, or simply asserting that we must
>>support "web" and "contrained-web" models, among others?  Certainly, the
>>effort to explore a simpler certificate should nevertheless aim for support
>>of varied trust models.

[ Helpful responses from Bill Sommerfeld, Perry Metzger, and others omitted
 for brevity, thank you all]

>If the constrained web model has the capability of being able
>to express all other models then it seems like a good system to use...

You (and others kind enough to respond) are of course correct.  Suitable
restrictions on a connected graph lead to all other forms.  I suppose that
I was prompted by (1) how a "constained web" might be defined, (2) do we
really intend to preclude the PGP free-for-all by some form of certificate structure.

I have carefully followed all threads in both ietf-pkix and spki, and I
applaud the opportunity to gain a fresh-look at the fundamental issues.
My own needs are host-to-host authentication and data traffic protection,
and I produced "hand-rolled" DSS keys to do the trick.  I would like to
move toward something less provincial.  Unfortunately, I once attempted
to "get-my-arms-around" SSL/X.509 and dislocated both shoulders :-)

This thread needs to be reworked.  I am not sure that Encodings and
Character Sets are related to General Requirements except distantly.

I would like to see a consolidation of the "more certificate usages"
into a taxonomy of sorts, as I feel that this should be the driving
force behind design (let the problems forge solutions, not vice-versa.)

Sincerely,  ___TONY___

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