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Re: Validity periods can be handled more explicitly

At 2:25 pm -0500 on 11/5/97, Carl Ellison wrote:

> I would worry about any system being designed to handle the purchase of oil
> tankers between networked parties.  We're worried today about buying $0.25
> photographs, $15 CDs, etc.  I'm quite content to let purchasers of oil
> tankers fly to a meeting place and conduct business in the flesh.

Yes, but what about an oil tanker's worth of currency derivatives? In
bearer form?  Several trillion dollars of currencies are traded every day,
for instance, usually between people who don't really know each other, and
without too much premeditation. Certainly the net's eventually going to be
the cheapest way to make those trades, and those of other financial

(Yes, Mr. Jueneman, in *bearer* form. And, yes, I can talk about that here.
Since DIGSIG is an ABA-based group naturally predisposed to book-entry
settlement, and the IETF is, well, the IETF.)

My point is, an SPKI shouldn't necessarily presuppose lawyers. Even when
they're in Utah. ;-)

Be careful what you leave out, folks. It may come back to haunt you later.
Fortunately, I think what's happened here so far won't have that problem.

Bob Hettinga

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