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Re: The Carl & Bob show


  There are two Michael C. Richardson's in Ottawa. We are both into
security, and do "international" things --- Mr. Michael Corley
Richardson ("The Elder") does international *political* security
(i.e. "If you invest there, make sure that you get paid in gold...")
while I (Michael Charles Richardson, "The Younger") do internet
  Since I let my Ottawa ("national capital") freenet account lapse,
and he was listed below my name when you searched anyway, he regularly
gets email for me.

  While searching for "Michael Richardson" on a boring Sunday
afternoon last summer, I came across:

<a href="http://www.billsnook.com.au/allb@a.htm">Michael Richardson, snooker champ.</a>
<LI><a href="http://www.tigercats.on.ca/moplyr.html">Michael Richardson, MVP in CFL.</a>
<LI><a href="http://mathcs.rhodes.edu/~wottle/lynxcc/vandy.html">Michael
Richardson, NBAA champ (?)</a>
<LI><a href="http://www.psrc.usm.edu/mccormick/michael.html">Michael Richardson, chemist</a>

  And one more at Cambridge, but I agreed not to talk about him.
  ... Hmm. And I can't find the reference to Michael Richardson, asian
desk columnist for the International Herald Tribune.
  These people aren't all online, but their *names* are. 

  I'm be damned if I think my personal name is something special.
  Wasn't it bad to tell people your "real" name --- they could capture
your soul or something if they could call your real name?

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