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Re: three digital signature models ... for x9.59

no ... the point in the original point is that
a large number of account-authorities already
exist ... which add a field to the current account
record for registering a public key and some
processing (depending on the business process
 that the account is involved with ... it may  be
a trivial additional delta onto what they already

the result isn't a enormous cost to create a
centralized account authority ... but possibly
<5% delta to existing process that deals
with the account. furthermore the scope
of the public key may be as little as just
enabling non-face-to-face (electronic)
version of the existing business process
for the account.

on the other hand ... from the x9.59 perspective,
financial account-authorities could in fact
encompass all of electronic commerce
at a relatively trivial delta additional expense
per account.

the point wasn't to build new infrastructures
... but the ability to enhance extensive existing
infrastructures that already support 95+% of the
proposed activity w/o creating a different, new
parallel infrastructure.