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Re: Ron Rivest's Contributions...

At 06:53 PM 4/1/97 -0800, Christopher Allen wrote:
>One thing that would be very useful to me, Carl, is another summary
>document like the one you posted recently of "these comments I've added to
>my version", or possibly an annotated version of your internet-draft.

Yes, I intend to post three documents before the Memphis meeting:

1.	the issues list, with answers that have emerged from this week's discussion
2.	a revised BNF, showing candidates for all object names (most of which
	appear to be resolving)
3.	an updated I-D

I'll hang them off my http://www.clark.net/pub/cme/html/spki.html
where many current documents are.

I will also mail (1) and (2) to the list.

 - Carl

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