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Re: serial numbers // push/pull CRL's

At 04:06 PM 4/2/97 EST, Ron Rivest wrote:
>   Anyway, I think that push-CRL's are necessary, once you have setups such
>as envisioned above with servers managing databases for clients.

As I mentioned to you off-list, I think of this as a problem of distributed
database update.  That is, the issuer and his ISP-run server are maintaining
parallel copies of a single database.  The issuer wants to make changes
in his database and propagate those to the server.  There are well known
techniques for such -- e.g., Lotus Notes, usenet news, ....

I agree that this might be an important feature of operation in the real
world but I don't think of it as part of the certificate structure or
even closely related to it.

There is a question of what's in that shared database.
1) there could be short-lived certificates which the issuer keeps updating
2) there could be long-lived certificates which refer to on-line tests
	implemented by the ISP, based on some other database shared between
	the issuer and the ISP.

(2) might have a performance advantage, if this other database can be 
communicated securely from issuer to server.  However, what happens when the 
issuer hasn't given an update in a while?  Should the server treat that as 
good news or bad news?

In any case, I don't see this as a certificate issue.

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